Preventative Maintenance Program

As a member of our Preventative Maintenance Program you have priority status for service calls!Preventative Maintenance Program

You ALWAYS Come 1st!!

You will benefit from the advantages of regular maintenance:

Fewer repairs

Many potential problems can be alleviated if found at regularly scheduled precision tune-ups and corrected before they cause damage to your equipment guaranteeing less down time during peak heating and cooling months.

Longer equipment life

Precision tune-ups guarantee that your equipment is operating as per manufacturer’s specifications to obtain the highest efficiency and optimum heating and cooling capacity. When equipment is regularly serviced it will extend the life expectancy of your system while providing a higher level of comfort for a longer period of time.

Lower operating costs

Regularly scheduled precision tune-ups insure that your equipment is operating at its peak performance level so as to lower your utility bills.

Safer operation

During precision tune-ups all safety controls are inspected and adjusted if necessary to make sure they are operating as designed to protect your family and home.

Priority customer status

Preventative Maintenance Agreement customers always receive priority status putting them to the top of the list when they are unexpectedly faced with equipment failure.

Pre-scheduled appointments

Precision tune-ups are scheduled at the convenience of our priority customers and before any non-priority customers again guaranteeing priority status.

Discounts on repairs

Priority maintenance customers receive a 15% discount on any unavoidable repairs as their equipment ages. Some repairs are due to regular operation of your equipment that even regular maintenance cannot alleviate. All repairs will be warranted for 180 days instead of the normal 30-day period.

Inflation protection

By purchasing your maintenance in advance you are assured the lowest cost available.
Future savings on replacement systems – When it is time to replace your equipment, 50% of the cost of your maintenance agreement will accrue toward the cost of a new system.


If you should sell your property, your agreement can be transferred to the new owner or to your new property.